AI as a Service

Smarter Intelligence


Al as a Service

Smarter Enterprise Workflows

Get your Tasks done with simple conversations

Create simple interfaces to your Enterprise Workflows


Al as a Service

Smarter Customer Service

Consistent customer care across multiple
customer touch points


Al as a Service

Smarter Marketing

AI powered Smart Chatbots
Convert Clicks to Conversations

Change your Marketing from a Monolog to Dialog
Market, Engage & Convert in the Conversations


Al as a Service

Smarter Commerce

Influence shoppers to the path to purchase

Personalized Experiences for all your customers

AI as a Service

 Enterprise Workflow, Smarter Customer Service, Smarter Marketing

Ingage AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS pronounced “ice”) unleashes the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to every Business and Enterprise process.

Empowers every IT manager, Web/App developer, Online marketer, or any service platform to build Smart AI conversational Services to enhance their Enterprise workflows and customer engagements.


Enterprise Workflow

Conversational interface to access any enterprise business process data and services on demand, in context and at scale. Enterprise workflows with conversational UI with easy access to structured data of Enterprises repositories.


Automated Agent

Deploy AI customer service flows with machine learning and training to analyze user interactions with knowledge-based responses. Adapt and react to customers’ responses and sentiments. Use analytic insights gained through customer behavior.


Market and Sell

Deliver AI interactive conversations to your customers for personalized experiences. Adapt and react to customers’ sentiments and influence path to purchase. Transform your email and social marketing from Monolog to Dialog.

Conversational Enterprise Workflows

Conversation AI is enabling a range of industries from Banking and Insurance to Life Sciences, to offer customers personalized advice, an engaging experience and convenience as they search for information, turn information into actionable events and then require service support in the digital aisle. This focus on customer engagement resonates with clients and permits industries to expand the strength of the relationship. Value-added services that not only are available 24/7 to clients but also cascade directly into an organization’s business intelligence provide critical decision-making tools that give companies a competitive edge.

Examples of AI interactions include right-fit travel, guided financial advice and customized promotions all of which are available across any customer channel from messaging to voice. These virtual concierge services turn customer interactions into familiar, individualized and informative conversations ensuring customer loyalty and strengthening business efficiency.

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AI Service Agents

Customer care expectation has never been more demanding of immediacy and accuracy. At we empower enterprises to deliver engaging AI conversations with your customers, partners and employees to achieve your customer care and process improvement goals. Service Agent understands natural conversations powered with its natural language processing technology to answer your customer questions. Our Service Agents learns from your knowledge bases and FAQs to respond consistently to customer queries. Service Agents incorporates continuous learning and training using industry specific machine learning models.

Deploy Service Agents today across Web and Mobile to see how you can provide on-demand consistent customer service.


Machine Learning & Training

Continuous learning and training with industry specific machine learning models.  Learns from knowledge bases and FAQs.


Knowledge Base

Industry specific domain knowledge and FAQs. Easy to use interfaces to add new set of knowledge base.


On-Demand Care

Provide 24/7 consistent responses to your customer queries and concerns across Web, App and Messaging.

The new era of customer engagement begins now

What If ?

  • You can change your current marketing monolog to a dialog with your customers
  • You can create interactive customer journeys tailored to individual behavior
  • You can have conversation with your customers across multiple touch points
  • You can measure and respond to customer sentiments in real time

AI-as-a-Service for Conversational Marketing

Connect with your Customers through Conversations

Generate Brand to Consumer Direct Dialog

with Natural Conversations

We empower brands to market and convert through natural conversations to deepen customer connections and brand loyalty.

At we transform your digital marketing Email and Social campaigns into one-to-one dialog with individuals to drive higher conversion rates.

Design your marketing journeys in our AI studio to provide true personalized customer experience and get deep customer insights at every point of interactions.™ is an enterprise grade engagement cloud with secure storage for your marketing assets and is integrated with leading email automation, CRM  and Social platforms including Salesforce, IBM, and Hubspot, Facebook and Tweeter.

Use the power of to deploy interactive marketing campaigns across Messaging, Email, Web and Social today.



Connect with your customers across multiple touch points on social, web and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger™, SMS, Slack™ and Email to create singular experiences throughout the customer journey.



Email marketing is a monolog, change it to a dialog & interact with individuals  in a natural life like conversations. Create dialog driven journeys with people and design conversations based on user interactivity. Understand and adapt your journeys to individual sentiments and profiles.



Attract customers by creating meaningful and personalized conversations. Create interactive journeys to present relevant offerings. Provide personalized responses based on analytics driven insights.


Analytics Insights

Analytics insights to measure and analyze user engagement and sentiment data to provide actionable recommendations.

Cognitive insights to adapt and improve campaigns continuously based on campaign feedback.

APIs connect to leading analytics and customer support platforms.™

Dialog Studio™ dashboard allows brands to design and manage conversational campaigns over social and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger™, SMS, Slack, Twitter™ and Email with full visibility to conversations across all channels.



Ingage’s AI-as-a-Service platform is integrated with leading Enterprise, marketing automation & ecommerce platforms you already use for your Enterprise ERP Workflow, CRM, and Marketing.

Provide each customer with individualized, personalized services and content on demand, in context, and at scale. Deploy your smart conversational UI using our AI-as-a-Service platform across multiple customer touch points on messaging, Web and emails today.

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