Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies and businesses

AI Powered Chatbots

Connected individuals demand more from brands and businesses they interact with. How can they meet those expectations and deliver personalized products, services and customer care on demand, in context and at scale? Influencing individual consumer decisions is the end game for marketers today. Rapid evolution in marketing technology innovations are bringing true 1:1 marketing techniques into action. CMO’s are seeing a flood of cognizant technologies, automation, machine learning, and big data driven insights. At the same time individuals expect instant answers to their I-need-help or I-want-to-know moments.

Traditional customer support approaches are failing to provide timely relevant responses that connected individuals expect today. Today’s individuals want messaging as the preferred medium for brands and businesses to communicate with them. Traditional advertising and social media spends based on one to many channels are failing to deliver conversion. These models are losing their impact and effectiveness especially on millennials. Awareness and impressions, though still funded richly, are giving way to conversations and personalization. We are quietly becoming comfortable with machine to human engagement and this pattern is weaving its way into our daily routines.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported by natural language processing (NLP) is driving multiple solutions for consumer engagement and path-to-purchase. Platforms for conversations, direct marketing, intelligent agents and actionable analytics are creating new dynamic channel marketing opportunities.

“Experts predict that the next 10 years will generate an order of magnitude more change than we have seen in the last 10 years. To survive these changes, marketers have to undergo a seismic shift in their approach from blast promotions to real-time customer experience and in-the-moment utility. Personalization will become individualization as predictive machine learning and AI advance real-time automation and make this 1:1 future possible and scalable.” Kimberly A. Whitler from Forbes

Conversational marketing and Intelligent Customer Care through Messaging and Voice activated smart Chatbots are one of the promising new marketing technologies. There are many misconceptions about Bots and what they are capable of. It must be recognized that AI is a misnomer. Machines only learn through the programming & training that humans build into the machine learning. They gain understanding through training and contextual depth over time and numerous interactions.

AI systems can be trained for human dialog and provide a viable model for customer interaction during their moments of intent during shopping or customer support journeys. Conversations can be directed through designed dialogs where a brand or marketer leads the customer through a series of questions to determine product and/or services interest or customer care issues. This AI driven dialog can help an individual with customer support issues or the directed dialog can qualify and inform shoppers regarding deals, availability, pricing, nearby locations and up-sell related offers.

Inventive teams are leveraging the remarkably powerful AI platforms to create intelligent customer care automation and conversational marketing solutions. These self-serve AI powered platforms use NLP to design and present dynamic dialog between the branded smart chatbot and individuals. Customer support teams can design relevant dialogs to respond to queries via intelligent automated agents. Brands and marketers can use dialogs to promote offers, products and complete merchandise catalogs to engage and convert consumers on their individual customer journeys.

Chatbots allow brands, retailers and any business to engage with the connected individual where, when and how they want, at scale. This disruptive technology can move an enterprise’s interaction with prospects and customers from a static pushed monolog to a dynamic personalized dialog. The Chatbot solution brings the power of conversational marketing and intelligent agents to every digital engagement channel including messenger platforms, email, social media, web campaigns and emerging voice devices like Amazon Echo. Start the journey now.

Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies and businesses

Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies and businesses

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