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Improving Customer Care with AI powered Chatbots

In the world of repetitive Frequently Asked Questions, one would assume that answers are readily available and easily communicated. Unfortunately this is rarely the experience we encounter. Traditional call centers, in this mobile age don’t meet the expectations of the connected individual whose preferred mode of communication is messaging.   Everyone has felt this pain […]

AI Powered Chatbots

Connected individuals demand more from brands and businesses they interact with. How can they meet those expectations and deliver personalized products, services and customer care on demand, in context and at scale? Influencing individual consumer decisions is the end game for marketers today. Rapid evolution in marketing technology innovations are bringing true 1:1 marketing techniques […]

Bots Deliver Conversational Dialogue not Monologue

Brands are entering a new era of personalized customer interaction. It is the evolution from static pushed monologues (emails, SMS, social advertising, banners, Youtube) to real time interactive dialogues with individual consumers. The recent opening of incredibly powerful AI driven natural language engines are giving rise to intelligent agents called Chatbots. Companies, including ingage.ai., are […]

Chatbots Conversation

The challenge all marketers face is to predict what people want before they know they want it. Extensive market studies are done to analyze individual consumer behaviors & merchandisers spend their lives perfecting the art of reading the tea leaves when choosing styles and leading trends in fashion, products and technologies. With the long tail needed for the retail merchandising process, guesswork and experience lead retailers to select products months before they ever reach the shelves.

Messaging is the medium

There is a sea change in the way we communicate. There is a gap between the way marketers reach people and how we communicate today. Print has been with us hundreds of years. Mass marketing arose with the rise of catalogs and direct mail. Then electronic media – Radio and then TV. The internet created an entirely new media – email, search, banners and social media. Telephony has pushed the entire envelope with mobile communications over the past 20 years. It is under served in advertising spend while providing the best medium for engagement.