Chatbot concept. social media mesh and futuristic design on man using smart phone and small robot with message on its screen.

Bots Deliver Conversational Dialogue not Monologue

Brands are entering a new era of personalized customer interaction. It is the evolution from static pushed monologues (emails, SMS, social advertising, banners, Youtube) to real time interactive dialogues with individual consumers. The recent opening of incredibly powerful AI driven natural language engines are giving rise to intelligent agents called Chatbots.

Companies, including, are designing and deploying advanced conversational Chatbots that support AI powered smart customer care as well as conversational commerce to engage shoppers in their moments of intent.

A recent Forrester report notes: “Now [brands] need to go further, first by delivering the right experience to the right user at the right time and on the right device and next by delivering relevant, tailored experiences that meet individual user needs by combining historical, behavioral, and profile data with real-time situational feedback.”

Chatbots can be deployed through many channels: Messenger platforms, email, websites, SMS, and social media channels. When activated, they can provide information, offers, ask questions and respond to FAQs with natural language conversation.

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