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Improving Customer Care with AI powered Chatbots

In the world of repetitive Frequently Asked Questions, one would assume that answers are readily available and easily communicated. Unfortunately this is rarely the experience we encounter. Traditional call centers, in this mobile age don’t meet the expectations of the connected individual whose preferred mode of communication is messaging.


Everyone has felt this pain when seeking a solution or an answer to common questions. We are seeing a major tidal change in customer support. Voice recognition technology has improved markedly and now AI and NLP (natural language processing) is becoming technically and economically feasible to all kinds of applications. Especially Customer Service and Support.


AI is transforming the way Customers gain their needed information. We live in a State of Connectedness. 24/7. Technology has changed consumer behaviour and expectations. Connected individuals expect accuracy, immediacy and context.


“How Do I…? Where Do I…? I need Help. I want to Buy. I need to Know. Tell me How. Tell me Now.

These are moments of intent. How can a Brand meet these expectations and deliver personalized products, services and communications, on demand, in context and at scale?

Through the deployment of smart branded Chatbots. provides 1:1 direct dialog to customers in their moments of intent. meets the demands of Connected Individuals by:

  • Engaging the consumer with relevance and in virtually real time
  • Assessing and reacting to customer sentiment
  • Capturing and addressing individuals’ intent
  • Creating interactive journeys based on customer needs
  • Dynamically personalizing responses driven by analytical insights

Customer Care is rapidly adopting Natural Language Chatbots. They are trained once. They continuously learn. They never forget. Humans are costly, demanding and require training every time a new person is hired or replaced. ChatBots perform tasks consistently around the clock and improve Customer experiences while enhancing brand loyalty.


Chatbots are trained to answer scripted FAQs and learn to address open-ended queries through every new and saved interaction. They will replace thousands of Customer Support live agents effectively and economically. This is a certainty.


Chatbots scale infinitely and can handle limitless simultaneous interactions. Take Google Maps as a great AI example. It provide personalized routing solutions to every user accurately, quickly and uniquely. It handles millions of simultaneous users seamlessly and we take it for granted.


Improved Customer Care will result in more satisfied customers, better outcomes, enhanced loyalty and higher retention for companies that have frequent interactions with their audience. Discover how can dramatically improve your customer experiences and generate incremental revenues.

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