Rashad A. Jaffery

Rashad is a serial entrepreneur with proven track record of startups with successful venture exits in Mobile Internet. Rashad has over two decades of experience building scalable software products for enterprises, Mobile operators & consumer Apps.

At ingage.ai Rashad is focussed on delivering AI platform based on its patent pending technology for every software Web/App developer and IT manager that empowers them to develop Smart AI Conversational Services for Enterprises.

Rashad loves the challenge of creating cutting edge products from clean slate and has deep expertise in Mobile Networks & Wireless Internet systems. Rashad has raised over $40M in venture funding and has delivered exceptional shareholder values. Rashad co-founded Mavenir Systems (IPO NYSE: MVNR) to address Wireless Internet multimedia services opportunity for mobile operators. Mavenir went IPO and got acquired by Mitel Network Corp for over $560M. Previously, he co-founded the IPmobile Inc. and led product conception and delivery of industry leading first QoS enabled Mobile Internet gateway & Wireless Softswitch. IPmobile was acquired by Cisco Systems for $425M. Rashad also founded Entrata Systems to address challenges of Mobile enterprise security with patented Mobile Virtualization technology. Rashad has worked in Networks Access Corporation, Nortel Networks, Ericsson and Cisco Systems in various roles of software development, network planning, and product management.

Rashad serves on the board and advisory roles for local startups. Rashad holds several individual & joint patents in Mobile & Internet technologies. He did his BS in Electrical Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology and MS from the University of Kansas also in Electrical Engineering.

Rashad A. Jaffery